Alderney Performing Arts Festival | 27-30 May

Alderney Performing Arts Festival


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Sightings of creatives .

Very excited.  Lots of creatives being sighted in Alderney.  The Robert J Hunter band landed in the family location, The rare species called Sarah – Jane extraordinaire Lewis circling the Island Hall, World famous Moray Welsh sighted on Braye Beach while Jonathan Papp seen circling Fort Corblets.  Jason Rebello, AntRead more…

Ticket Up date 24th May 2016 Tickets flying – Catch one if you can!

Please catch your ticket/s before they are all gone.  Tickets on line will stop Thursday 26th May and any remaining tickets will be available from Shirley’s or on the door.  Folk Bands over the weekend will be playing in town at The Georgian House Hotel, The Campania, Bumps Bistro andRead more…